Sodom & Gomorrah Demolition: Displaced ‘fight’ Mahama

General News of Monday, 22 June 2015

Source: Alfa Shaban | GhanaWeb

Police @ Sodom GomorrahPolice trying to calm angry squatters

“We would not vote for him, where does he want us to go and how does he want us to fend for our families,” these are concerns raised by some of the displaced persons affected by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s (AMA) demolition over the weekend.

The roads at Old Fadama have been blocked, there are burning of tyres in the middle of the roads from the place called ‘masalachi’ (i.e. the mosque) all the way to the Old Fadama area.

The Police Service and Ghana Fire Service are having a very tough time containing the agitated protestors and putting off the pockets of fire that they lighting.

Another group of protestors are currently at the AMA offices to protest the demolition that was carried out by the Mayor and the Regional Minister; an operation that led to a partial demolition of the area.

The Police in Accra are also having a hard time especially with the hurling of stones and sticks by some of the protestors.

According to the AMA, the demolition was to facilitate access to the machines that are supposed to dredge the Odaw and the Korley.

The Police have had to resort to throwing tear gas to dispel the protesters and to contain the situation. The AMA has disclosed that they had done public engagement with opinion leaders in the area to avoid what is currently happening.