MUSIGHA, Actors Guild failed celebrities over liquor ad ban – Dzokoto

Entertainment of Monday, 22 June 2015


KwameDzokotoKwame Dzokoto

Popular Ghanaian TV and radio personality, Seth Kwame Dzokoto, has expressed disappointment in his fellow celebrities for not rallying their influences to fight the ban prohibiting them from featuring in any commercial advertisements promoting alcohol.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) announced they will be enforcing the law banning celebrities [whose brand appeals to families, kids especially] from featuring in adverts that sell and glorify liquor.

The FDA also stated that the ban is to protect the interest of underage fans of the famous ‘Edziban’ TV show host.

Dzokoto, who was used as a scapegoat of his colleagues, found this out in March 2015, when an advertisement he worked on for one of his clients, was blacklisted with the explanation that his “celebrity status and influence on people, forbids him from featuring in such adverts”.

Livid over the matter, the Radio presenter launched an on-air campaign calling on the FDA to relax their laws.

In an interview with on Monday, Dzokoto said he is disappointed his colleagues did not support the campaign which fights their collective interest.

“I have decided to let it go, but then I believe that since they said it was about the celebrities, I was hoping that the musicians’ union, the actors guild, and everybody who falls in the celebrity bracket would have come together as one voice and fight for that cause,” he lamented.

“Because they heard the name Dzokoto, they left it all on me and I think that I’ll pass and go but then I think that posterity will judge us. Why should we allow this thing to stand?”

He said the FDA should have just tightened other regulations surrounding alcohol use instead of imposing such a “harsh” ban on celebrities.

Dzokoto whose recent commercial was for a washing powder advert said the ban has affected his revenue and has been forced to settle for other streams of income.

“I am doing more commercials but you know, for the alcoholic beverages there is much competition there so that business is thriving but then other commercials when you do one ad, it is there