Kwesimintim Sitting MP Behaves Mysteriously. Cries for Unopposed Contest.

We are fully aware of the evil and diabolical tactics being implored by Joe Baidoo Ansah and his Cohorts to influence the Parliamentary Processes in Kwesimintim.

We the Delegates and the Natives are enlightened and do believe in our party structures. We therefore leave everything in the hands of Our Able Bodies that is, the National Steering Committee and the Appeals Committee of the party.

To the Executives – By their actions and inactions they shall be known…..

The so called Executives spewing lies about Joe Mensah have lost our Trusts and Respects…. We shall handle them at the appropriate time accordingly.

We are however saddened and traumatized to have noticed the influence of Joe Baidoo Ansah in this whole unpatriotical, undemocratical, uncivilized and barbaric acts of seeing Joe Mensah out of the race by all Foul Means deem fit to Him and his Cohorts.

Npp Kwesimintim belongs to We the Natives and the Delegates and that we can’t compromise this uncultured acts of ridiculing our Preferred Candidate Hon Joseph Mensah.

We therefore want to ask Joe Baidoo Ansah the following questions.

Why does He Joe Baidoo Ansah fear Joe Mensah’s Candidature?

Why does he want Joe Mensah out of the Race?
Why such a huge Panic and Cry?
Why is he interfering in the Electoral Processes?
We can’t just fathom Joe Baidoo Ansah’s keen interest in Joe Mensah’s Candidature at all, but also his covert ploy to disqualify Hon Joe Mensah from the race.

Well, isn’t it very obvious that he has realized that his cup is full and that with Joe Mensah in the race he will be shamefully disgraced by the Delegates, hence such evil and diabolical deeds.

Why is it that in the whole Takoradi Metropolis Joe Baidoo Ansah is the only PC whose Candidature is being Contested?

To Our Able National officers and Executives- Our cry and demand for what is right can never be denied……

We need Change and developments in Kwesimintim Constituency and we KNOW STRONGLY that Joe Mensah is the Key to those changes and developments.

We can’t afford to loose that Seat to the Unprecedented Incompetents and Visionless and Dream Crushers NDC. With Joe Baidoo Ansah we will loose shamefully. The Worse and Nemesis of Countless Problems will Embrace

us within the Constituency.
Joe Mensah is of a good standing and card bearing member of our Great Party. His contributions towards our party within the Constituency and the Region remains enviable and worthy of emulation as party members.

We shall Return….
Long Live Kwesimintim
Long Live Joseph Mensah
Long Live Npp
Ignatius k. Yankey
The Convener
The Natives and the Delegates
E-mail. [email protected]

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