Electronics Company, Philips takes steps to combat counterfeiting

Electronics Company, Philips is advancing moves to combat counterfeiting – a phenomenon which is said to be costing not only companies but the economy as a whole.

The company has introduced the “Buy Original Campaign” to eliminate counterfeit products in Ghana and the sub-region at large.

The General Manager for Philips West Africa, Felix Darko, says the initiative introduces effective measures to protect consumers against inferior products to enable them get value for money in their purchases.

“What we are offering consumers by choosing an original Philips is a two-year warranty. If you buy an original Philips product, you have a two-year warranty. Meaning that, you have a two-year peace of mind without any challenge. There are a couple of things you need to look out for in choosing an original Philips.”

“If you take our lamp, we’ve put a security sticker, which has a 16 digits code on that security sticker. What we are telling consumers is to text this 16 digits code to a free SMS line 3110 and you would get a confirmation whether you are choosing an original or not our original product”.

“If you take our consumer appliances also, if the product does not carry the hologram sticker, then it’s not an authentic Philips product,” he noted.

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