Akua Donkor Threatens To Fire Dr Opuni



Presidential wannabe Akua Donkor has threatened to get Dr Stephen Opuni, the CEO of Cocobod, fired. Yes! She is very angry. Two weeks ago, she was personally directed by the President to go and see Dr Opuni for some money as usual. Since First Lady Lordina cleverly got her husband to appoint Opuni as CEO of Cocobod, the place has been turned into a money dispensing machine for the NDC leadership and the private bank for the President for paying off people, including opposition politicians, such as Hassan Ayariga etc. But, Dr Opuni made Akua Donkor wait from 10am to 10pm for nothing! only for a security officer to say, “Madam, I’m sorry the office is closed and the Chief left through another door. long time!” Opuni is messing up big time and the media and MPs are all silent. The President cannot sack Opuni because Opuni has become the presidential money bag. And Opuni has also influenced a lot of journalists for his own protection. John Mills had as his money bag, David Lamptey of Sidalco. Sidalco is paid by Cocobod. Now John Mahama has been “smarter”. He has as his money bag the boss of Cocobod itself! In fact, just before PNC presidential aspirant Hassan Ayariga started his current nationwide campaign he went to Opuni to pick up $200,000 cash and a pick up vehicle. And we wonder why Ghana Cocoa is suffering…

Hopeson Yaw Adorye

National Coordinator

Crusaders For Change (CFC)

Accra – Ghana



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