3-Year-Old Boy Attempts To Wake His Dead Mom For 2 Days Before Being Rescued


A little boy was found disoriented and scared after trying to wake up his dead mother for two days, police in the United Kingdom said. Read more from Odd News Blog:

28-year-old Lydia Macdonald was discovered dead by a friend at her home, which is located in Lickley Court, on Wednesday night. Her 3-year-old son, Mason Martin, was found on the floor when the friend came to check on Macdonald. Police said that Martin was able to open the front door, and he showed where his mother was.

The young boy was disoriented and dehydrated. He is now recovering at a hospital. The death of Macdonald has been ruled unexplained. Her family members however, said that she suffered from severe asthma. The little boy is an orphan as his father died 3 years ago. He will be living with his mother’s parents.

Macdonald’s parents told investigators that they had been trying to contact their daughter for several days, and when she didn’t respond, they sent a friend to check on her. The boy was told by a psychiatrist that his mother will never come back. Macdonald was hospitalized last year after suffering a severe asthma attack.