Price of over celebration: U-14 Goalkeeper saves penalty, pushes ball in goal while celebrating

Watch the video above for the most incredible price a goalkeeper paid for celebrating too much.

A penalty shootout in an U-14 Cup final in Scotland saw a very rare, but interesting occurrence, as a penalty that was saved by a goalkeeper was awarded as a goal because he pushed it back into the goal during his celebrations.

 The referee adjudged it to be a goal, and replays show he was correct. 

The match saw a penalty taken by a player, which was saved by the opposition goalkeeper, who then proceeded to push it back goalwards during his celebration, all in one motion. It was given as a goal because the custodian had no control of the ball.

The referee waited for the entire play to be completed, before blowing his whistle to indicate that it was a goal.

The decision completely surprised the kick taker and the goalkeeper, with the former seeing his disappointment turn to joy, while the latter saw his happiness shattered.

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