Internet’s Largest P0*nographic Site Wants To Film P0*no Movie In Space


It was bound to happen sooner or later. P0*nHub, one of the Internet’s largest P0*nographic repositories, wants to be the first to film a P0*no in space. Obviously, the endeavor won’t be cheap. To shoot the microgravity s*x scene, the site is aiming to raise $3.4 million in 60 days on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. UPI reports:

“We’re looking to pioneer a one-of-a-kind mission to push the boundaries of intergalactic sexploration, defy gravity and make history,” P0*nHub officials said in a press release. “We are excited to change the adult industry as we currently know it by venturing into the final s*xual frontier.”

“This will be a grand experiment in learning how intercourse works after penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, a lesson we’d like to broadcast and produce — with great enjoyment — in direct collaboration with those interested in being a part of the global front that will make this a reality.”

P0*n stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia will be the lucky astronauts, should P0*nhub raise the funds and recruit the engineering expertise needed to make history. They’ll also need a very good choreographer and some practice, as a s*x in space is a little studied topic. “A lot of people think that s*x in microgravity will be great because by losing gravity you can move in ways you can’t terrestrially,” Paul Root Wolpe, the director of Emory University’s Center for Ethics and a scientist with NASA, told VICE. “The [scientists] who’ve thought about this aren’t so sure about that at all.”