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His unemotional and cool tone had enough heat to melt months, possibly years of indecision in getting your business idea off the shelf of procrastination and into bankable product or service.

“The cost of procrastination is unthinkable”, the Chief Executive of Bond Financial Services, George Ofosuhene, began the interview on Springboard on Joy FM with host and entrepreneur Albert Ocran.

A bad decision is better than no decision, he stressed and dismissed the need to amass tonnes of information before hitting the ground running.

As creative as you may be, ideas are not exclusive to originators and so just as you toy with an idea, the same idea is being processed into action miles away, he explained.

Decision, big and small, will always stare at any entrepreneur, Ofosuhene maintained.

Entrepreneurs breathe in choices and exhale decisions, I gathered from the interview.

Information is easily accessible in today’s world, the two businessmen agreed.

While a potential entrepreneur is delaying on an idea “you will hear an advert the following day, the day after that another advert comes up. Do you know what is happening? You are losing market share.”

Ofosuhene and Albert Ocran agreed former CEO of General Electric Jack Welsh’s book ‘Winning’ is a must-read for anybody blighted by a malignant tumour of indecision.

But for CEOs already managing a business, George Ofosuhene recommends that you have a “solid” cabinet to help you take decisions.

He believes a decision-maker does not need to amass so much information on a subject.

That’s what somebody else on his team should be doing, the businessman stressed.

“You need to surround yourself with solid people because you have people who have the ability to process information. You know when you are at the executive level, you should not sieve information in its raw form. There is no time to do that. You mustn’t get information in its raw form”.

When the leader is part of assembling raw data, it fuels procrastination in decision-making, George Ofosuhene believes.

The CEO of Bond Financial Services maintained, the quality of human resource therefore becomes key in making quick, informed decision-making.

The inspiration of this team should be that they really want their CEO to succeed.

Whenever the passion of the CEO is different from the team, it is a sign that the manager or entrepreneur would not be getting quality filter to help him take decisions.

“The people you are leading must be convinced that they want you to succeed,” he advised.

A CEO or manager without a ‘solid’ cabinet is simply ‘naked”

In that situation, the buck stop with the CEO to make some big decisions, the least of them being shaking up his staff.

Story by Ghana||Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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