Japan Court Rules That Having s*x For Money Is Not Considered Adultery


A woman filed a lawsuit against a prostitute after she had a long-term relationship with her husband in exchange for money, according to court documents in Japan. Now, the Tokyo District Court rejected the woman’s claim for compensation, ruling that having s*x in exchange for cash is not considered adultery. Odd News Blog reports:

The judge ruled that the man’s wife was not eligible for compensation from the prostitute because she had a business relationship and not an adulterous relationship. In the past, courts have forced prostitutes to pay compensation after being caught having s*x with married men in a measure to support marriage.

People believe that the new ruling will spark a sharp rise in adultery. In the lawsuit, the wife demanded 4 million yen ($32,320) from the prostitute for emotional distress.

She claimed that the prostitute had initiated a s*xual relationship with her husband, which went on for more than seven years. The judge said that having s*x in exchange for money does not damage a marriage.