Khairaat True Foundation for Humanitarian Service Celebrate Sheikh Ibrahim Nyas Birthday

The President of Khairaat True Foundation for Humanitarian Service, an Islamic scholar and a philanthropist, Sheikh Muhammed Sani Abdul- Rahim Ango has celebrated the birth of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyas a Senegalese who has contributed massively towards Islamic Religion and Tijaniya sect as well as Africa at large.

The celebration started at 10:00pm at Sabon Zongo in Accra with the recitation of Quranic verses and beautiful songs, while important dignitaries, clerics and Muslim scholars already seated, took their turns to preach the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as well as the success of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyas to the large gathering.

Briefing the media about Sheikh Ibrahim at the celebration grounds, the secretary of the foundation Abdul-Rahim Salisu Ango revealed that Sheikh Ibrahim Nyas was West Africa’s most renowned Islamic scholar in the twentieth century and has millions of followers and comprised the largest single Muslim movement in West Africa.

According to him, Sheikh Ibrahim was well-known among the leaders of the broader Muslim world and a member of organizations as the Muslim World League based in Saudi Arabia, of which he served as Vice President.

He revealed that Sheikh Ibrahim campaigned tirelessly for governments to respect the rights of Muslims and the oppressed world-wide.

He said the celebration also seeks to bring unity and prosperity among the people within the zongo community and as well guide the youth to get much closer to Allah (the creator).

He added that many personalities including public figures among others are invited to the celebration to educate the people especially the youth on how they become business oriented in the near future and also to do away with acts that can lead them into problems.

He said the Muslim communities have been described by many as a community with full of violent people which according to the secretary is misrepresentation and false.

He expressed worried of why the Muslim communities are seen as violent while the same communities have produce very prominent personalities in the country and challenge the Muslim youth to showcase their God given talent.

According to him the foundation has offered scholarships for student in the Muslims to study in secondary schools and it’s coming out with initiative to help the youth in various skills training which according to him would help clear the perception that the Muslim communities are violent.

He said the President of the foundation has acquired a place to put-up a modern English and Arabic school in the community.

He called on parents to invest in their children education which he described as the best gift every a good parent can give his or her children.

Source: Ghana Palaver

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