80% Of Criminals Arrested Are Fulani – Fulbe-Fulako


Fulbe-Fulako Association of Nigeria has designed a programme that will change the lives of the Fulani people in Nigeria following records of frequent criminal activities perpetrated by the communities.

National Vice President of the association, Alhaji Yau Muhammad, who spoke at a briefing in Dutse, said the association was worried by the report of the probes which indicated that 80 percent of criminals arrested were Fulani, describing the situation as unfortunate, disgraceful and unacceptable for to the group.

However, he faulted government at all levels for not fully involving members of the group in any of their economic initiatives or any appointment. He therefore called on the government to look into their plight by engaging Fulani groups in their programmes.

As part of plans to empower Fulani communities, the group will provide Neem seedlings to Fulani settlement areas across the state during this year raining season to plant in various location. Those who participate in the programme will be rewarded with a token.

“We are abandoned by government and this is why our members are involved in criminal activities, but that notwithstanding, we are set to stop them from getting involved in crime through this initiative that is designed to better the lives of our members,” Muhammad said.