Man Shocked To Find Stranger Buried In His Grave After His Ex Wife Secretly Sold His Burial Plot


A man was angry after learning that his former wife forged his signature to sell his burial plot, according to court documents in the United Kingdom. Jillian and William Keahey of London, bought a double plot to be buried side by side in the Sutton Cemetery for 850 pounds ($1,315) around 10 years ago.

According to Odd News Blog, fter finalizing their divorce, Jillian Keahey, 66, decided to sell the land without telling former husband. William Keahey, 57, learned of the sale when his former brother-in-law told him that someone else was buried in his grave.

William Keahey went to the cemetery and saw that a tombstone was erected in the space reserved for him. He contacted his former wife, who admitted to selling the plot by forging his signature. Jillian Keahey sold the plot for 2000 pounds ($3,095) six years ago. In court, Jillian Keahey pleaded guilty to fraud. Now, the court has ordered Jillin to pay William 4,000 pounds ($6,190).