6 Honest Reasons Guys WON’T Call You For A Second Date


These single men have SPOKEN.
Do you want to secure a second date with that hot guy you’ve been excited to go out with?

As taken from a sampling of single men in their 20s and 30s, here are six things that will land you in the “no-call zone” where you WON’T be asked out for a second date:

1. You Talk Too Much

Talking too much was a first date dealbreaker for guys in both age groups. So if you have a naturally bubbly, outgoing personality, skip the caffeine before your first date. The last thing you want to do is to rev up your motor mouth, and kill the guy with word slaughter!

Tone it down. Ask him questions, let him talk, and listen to what he’s saying. Make your conversation a two-way exchange, and you’ll improve your chances for a second rendez-vous where an “I’ll call you later” actually means he will call you later.

2. Your Internet Reputation Is NOT Good

If they haven’t Googled you or checked out your Facebook profile before your first date, they definitely will before your second. Doing their “research” on you is an important dating ritual for these men — they want to know everything about you before they take things further, so expect them to do a little digging.

AND expect that they will ask their friends about you. If they find out you’re a girl with a long, promiscuous dating history, these “good guys” might not be interested.

3. Your Family Troubles Scare Them

A first date isn’t the best time to tell them about your crack-addicted, alcoholic, incarcerated, abusive family members. Your life may be a sad story, and hopefully you escaped the fate of your family history, but a first date isn’t the time to “release the kraken” of family monsters.

That said, if a good guy senses that you’re following in your family’s footsteps with your own list of scary habits, they will bolt.

If you have problems, please get the help you need, so you can show your willingness to take personal responsibility and IMPROVE your chances for a callback.

4. You Talk Too Much About Your Ex

These guys don’t want to hear all the gory details of how your ex did you wrong.

Save the dramatic story line for your girlfriends or a therapist. This new man may be into threesomes, but not the ghost-of-an-ex-boyfriend kind.

5. You’re Already In The “Friend Zone”

There’s no romance or spark. He’s NOT that in to you — you can tell because he’s not bragging and puffing up his chest to show you how macho he is.

If the tone of your first date ventures in to “friend zone” too quickly, you can expect you won’t make the cut for a second date.

6. You Weren’t Very Polite

Whether you were late or texting too much, you didn’t mind your manners.

Being on your phone too much during that first date is a big dealbreaker for these guys. Why would he want to spend time with you when you’d rather text someone else?

And your tardiness? Really frustrating because it sends the message that you don’t care about them and their time commitments. It’s a selfish maneuver that won’t get you more time with them.