SHS Student Gives Birth At St. Ignatius Of Loyola SHS (LASSEC) Upper West Region

A form two student of the Saint Ignatius Loyola SHS (LASSEC) in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region has shockingly given birth to a baby boy inside the girl’s yard.

The School in questions is also known as Lassia Tuolo SHS.

This was during prayer hours before preps. This amazing real life story occurred between 7-8pm Monday 8th June 2015.

According to information gathered after the incidence, the teenage girl (name withheld for privacy sake) returned from home just a few days before the sudden occurrence.

Surprisingly, not even her parents, colleague’s nor staff member was able to determine she was pregnant all this while due to her plump nature.

Situational analysis by some students and staff have arrived that even the now mother was not aware she was pregnant.

Parents, guardians and school authorities are thus reminded to be watchful and vigilant especially with matters concerning the female child in school.

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