LCCI Urges Buhari To Scrutinize His Economic Plan For nigeria Before Making It Public

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Wednesday advised the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to critically scrutinize its new economic agenda before making it public.

In an interview in Lagos, Mr Remi Bello, President of LCCI said that that the delay in the release of the new economic agenda was expected. He urged critics of the delay to be patient.

Bello also advised the new administration to consult with stakeholders regularly on issues concerning all sectors of the economy, “Policies, whether to build on existing ones or to formulate new ones, should be built around the growth of SMEs and large scale investments.

“There is obviously an urgent need for the revival of the oil and gas as well as power sectors because the poor state of the sectors could retard the growth of the economy.

“For instance, we have been trying to engage the Presidency in a roundtable discussion and we hope that when the economic agenda is released, we will hear positive news.

“The organised private sector is eagerly awaiting the agenda as the president gently takes his time to settle down,” he said.