For Guys – 9 Ways To Improve Your Self Esteem On Social Media


Guys, Let Me Teach You How To Improve Your Self esteem on social media.
I know some girls will hate me on this but. . . . . Don’t be angry..

1. When You message a girl once or twice and she doesn’t reply, don’t message her again.
She’s not the only girl on your list, try someone else. Don’t “woo” every skirt on your list.

2. You don’t have to be a male LovePeddler. Not every girl is meant to be your girlfriend. When you ask a girl out and she says “NO”, you already lose your self-esteem and respect to her.

3. Improve your self esteem, don’t hop on every post made by a girl to like or comment.

4. Sometimes you have to just let it go. You don’t have to compliment every picture a girl posts. If its not beautiful, don’t tell her its beautiful. Perhaps, she already knows it’s good before she upload it.
Believe me, a harsh comment makes more meaning to a girl than hundreds of nice comments.

5. Stop posting rubbish like: “thanks for the add”…or “thanks for the request” on every girl’s wall, its Pure nonsense!

6. Never tag a girl to an ugly picture. In fact don’t tag any girl you don’t have a regular rapport with.

7. If a girl doesn’t reply your messages, never comments on or like your status…then what’s she doing on
your list? Remove her for all you care!

8. If she can’t accept your request, then cancel your request and move on.

9. When a girl uploads a picture or a post and she already has about 20 comments complimenting the post, then what’s the use of complimenting it too? She already has all the compliments, just like the post and move on!

FINALLY, Prove to girls that you don’t need them, and they’ll start loving you.

Stop being social slaves to girls, have some self respect for yourself.