36-Year-Old Woman Leaves Her Husband To Marry His 74-Year-Old Father


The 74-year-old dad

A man was devastated to learn that his wife left him for his father. 36-year-old Liza Goddard of England, left her husband to marry his 74-year-old father.  The couple was married for 8 months and were living with his father when they allegedly fell in love. Scoop has more:

Jason Harwood, 35, said that his former wife is set to  become his stepmother after having committed to Jason’s father John who is nearly 40 years older than her. Harwood had become suspicious of his father and his wife after the trio lived together in Slough, Berkshire. However, Harwood only learned of the secret romance after visiting his father to congratulate him after hearing the news of his father’s engagement.

During the visit, his father revealed that his fiancee was indeed the former wife of his son. Harwood was heartbroken by the news.  His mother Sharon, who had three children with her former husband John, said that she was “absolutely disgusted” when she heard that her former husband is planning to marry their son’s former wife.

Harwood said that while he was at his father’s home, Goddard walked into the house and told him “you better get used to the idea that I am going to be your stepmother.”