Tourist Arrested For Posing unclad At Sacred Site Causing Deadly Earthquake


A tourist was arrested on charges of causing a public nuisance after allegedly posing unclad, causing a deadly earthquake, police in Malaysia said. Scoop has more:

The 38-year-old man of Europe, allegedly stri*ped and urinated on Mount Kinabalu before the deadly earthquake and posted the pictures on Facebook. The tourist was arrested in Kota Kinabalu, moments before boarding a plane to the Philippines. If convicted, he faces a fine of up to $106.

The man was among a group of 10 foreign tourists who stri*ped and posed for pictures at the top of the mountain. The images were subsequently published on the Internet, angering residents who blamed the earthquake on the indecency.

They believe that the nudist angered the spirits and prompted them to shake the mountain. Mount Kinabalu is considered sacred as people believe it to be the resting place for spirits. 16 people have been confirmed dead and two remain missing.