HP’s Innovation – Experiencing Technology’s Truest Art form


The continuous improvement in technology, particularly Information Technology, over the decades has meant that a number of professionals embrace technology not just as an innovation but as part of their socio-economic activities. Businesses around the world have been helped by advanced technology which in the overall has reduced cost of doing business while also turning out high scale productivity that redefines economies over the world.

With information technology, business transactions have become seamless globally, reducing physical presence and creating breath-taking pace of information exchange. Growing globally, many businesses in Nigeria now recognize these intrinsic potentials of Information Technology and have consistently re-innovated to ensure their customers are not left behind, especially businesses who dare to survive the very challenging global economic terrain.

It has been gathered that the one of the leading technology giants, Hewlett Packard would be hosting its customers and partners on the June 9th and 10th at the Technology Tour 2015 in Lagos and June 16th in Abuja where they would join a dynamic conversation on recent technological innovations that would help businesses improve their bottom line in Enterprise, SMB solutions and consumer products.

An event of this magnitude would be a good boost to Nigeria as it will enhance greater technological advancements through extensive brainstorming on pertinent issues within the IT industry alongside exhibition of the latest advancements in computer technology. It has been culled that more information can be found on Facebook and a website called www.hptechnologytour.com.ng.