Control Your Inner She-Hulk, Girl: 6 Soothing Ways To Let Anger GO

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So what do you need to do to fix your anger? Here are six ways to control your inner she-hulk:

1. Identify Your Triggers

Get to know exactly what situations trigger your anger and recognize all of the different ways your body gives your warning signals that you’re angry. Write it all down, and make sure your list includes all of the little things, too.

If you know well beforehand what is going to make you feel anger, you are in a better position to either handle things or change your behavior when these situations arise in the future.

It’s also important to recognize what happens to your body when start feeling anger: a pounding heart, flushed cheeks, tense jaw, chest tightened, teeth gritting, sweating, etc..

The quicker you can identify these warning signs in your body, the better equipped you will be to make yourself feel calm and relaxed before your anger escalates out of control.

2. Control Your Thoughts

When we replace our irrational thoughts with positive and rational ones, we’ll feel better.

Replace those negative thoughts with something like, I’m completely furious with what’s going on right now and it’s totally reasonable for me to upset but what is happening, but it will all work out in the end.

Create a list of possible things that you will be able to say to yourself before, during and after possible situations that are likely to make you snap. This will help you to focus on how you’re dealing with what’s making you angry (as opposed to what someone else should or shouldn’t be doing).

3. Have A Time Out

When feeling angry beyond control, step away from that specific environment or setting where the argument is taking place — leave the room or go for a run or go and do something else.

Before exiting that situation, though, it’s important to actually schedule a specific time afterward to discuss what has occurred, when all involved have settled down.

How are you going to remain calm when you do return and address the issues with the people who frustrated you?

4. Distract Yourself

A brilliant way of managing your anger is to distract yourself from whatever it is that is making you feel anger. The mind is a very powerful tool and when you control your thoughts and choose what thoughts you will (or will not) entertain. As a result, you can control how you feel.

When you notice negative or angry thoughts formulating, stop them before they continue by switching to a new thought or a completely different activity to distract your mind from the anger.

Some experts suggest counting to 10, 50 or 100. Others recommend playing relaxation music, calling a loved one or investing your energy into work or study or exercise. Choose what works for you.

5. Just Relax

Do stretching, breathing, yoga, dancing and body movement to allow your physical body to release all that muscle tension and get your breathing back to its natural and relaxed rhythm.

6. Make Yourself Laugh

Use laughter as a tool to counteract any anger you’re feeling. Laughter is the best medicine.

It sends lovely chemicals into your body to counteract the bad stress hormones and will have you’ll feel better in no time!