Come Kill Me–Rockstone Dares Promzy

Hip-life grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has said he is unperturbed by reports of death threats on his life supposedly from notorious artiste Promzy Afrika, former member of the VIP trio.

‘People have died in the rains and so I would not like to comment on Promzy’s issue. Promzy is my junior brother, but if he says he wants to shoot me down then I’m waiting for him to kill me,’ Rockstone told Happy FM’s “Showbiz Xtra” last Saturday.

Promzy Afrika recently took to facebook to post a comment containing insults and threats targeted at someone he described as ‘the grandpa of hip life’ and though he specifically did not mention the name ‘Reggie Rockstone’, many who saw the threatening post have concluded it was targeted at Rockstone who prides himself as the hip-life grandpapa.

Promzy, on Wednesday, June 3 at 10:48 pm, posted on his facebook wall: ‘The reason behind my silence.

1. am not the pu**y type running after radio or tv seeking attention or wanna be heard. 2. a real street negga don’t talk too much, we put in work. 3. real neggaz don’t start what they can’t finish.

4. we don’t have time for low life neggaz. As old as you are you don’t want to respect yourself. Who even made you the grandpa of hip life (that sounds like a self title to me; tell people the truth about me.) Never bite the hands that feed you. Remember this: I’m always going to be ‪#‎PROMZYAFRIKA , the true King of Nima. So shut the f**k up or else it will be ugly Yaw Asante and am not playing.’

He continued with a similar post on Saturday, June 6: ‘Your mother go burry you. Keep running your mouth#Promzyafrika…Asking the police to call my mum n wife is a bit**h move#Promzyafrika.’

It is not clear what provoked the worrisome posts but many have linked it to Rockstone’s decision to join the VIP group.

On Saturday Rockstone told Happy FM he was reluctant to respond to Promzy’s posts and that he would rather spend his time desilting gutters and chocked drains.

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