Police Dog Rips 14-Year-Old Boy’s Groin Area Open


A boy in Florida, was wounded by a police K9 during a traffic stop. A devastated family in Miami, has filed a lawsuit against the police for allowing a K9 to maul the groin area of their son. Odd News Blog has more:

Javarius Ragin was only 14 years old when police allowed the dog to attack him. While biting the boy, the K9 ripped his groin area open. The incident began when Ragin was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by the police. Officers informed the driver and the passenger that the car was reported stolen.

Ragin got scared and fled the scene, prompting an officer to run after him with the dog. Ragin hid in a stranger’s shed.  Officer Earles Gonzalez opened the door of the shed and let his K9 attack Ragin. The young teenager said that he raised his hands in the air, and completely surrendered to the police.

However, this did not prevent Officer Gonzalez to allow the K9 to sink its teeth into Ragin’s private parts, the lawsuit claims. When the officer finally stopped the attack, Ragin was not given proper medical attention as the officers at the scene did not call an ambulance, the lawsuit states. Ragin and his family are suing the Hialeah Police Department for excessive force.