Newmont Ghana Story Ideas to be Developed by Nana Boakye-Yiadom

Newmont Ghana Story Ideas to be Developed by Nana Boakye-Yiadom

These will be the suggested topics for publication for the month of April and May.

April 25 – Ghana’s economic downturn, slippery grounds for mining companies

This article will take into consideration the over-arching challenges of the economy. It will then zoom in into how critical the mining industry is to economy – taxes, employment , development, and Newmont’s contributions in this regard.

The industry effects of the current economic challenges will then be highlighted – energy, job cuts, increased unemployment. The demands of workers in the midst of these challenges will also come into play.

How the mining industry, Newmont as case study, is maneuvering the deep seated problems to stay in business will also be underscored. Plus, the possibility that some of the mining companies could fold up.

April 30 – Why mining companies need support in these turbulent times

This will basically look at what is at stake if the mining industry is left to “fend” for itself in the current economic situation, considering:

1. The number of people employed by the industry
2. Amount of money government is likely to lose in taxes

3. Political risks – If majority of the people are laid off, etc.

4. Effect on downstream businesses especially the services sector.

May 15 – An extract from Newmont’s Socio-economic impact on the Brong Ahafo Region

I’ll interview a few people in the region [government, ordinary residents, and any other relevant person] who can speak to this topic.

The story will focus more on people who can attest to this.

*There will be discussions on how these interviews will be done, including having to go to the region on a weekend.

May 29 – Will the tides turn for the gold industry?

This piece will look at the genesis of the fall in the prices of gold on the world market, its crashing effects on the companies and Ghana in the last 2 years or so.

Examine the current trend and talk to industry analysts on whether the challenges on the industry as a result of the fall in prices will continue a few more years or bounce back soon.

1. How soon?
2. What will it take?
3. How much more can Ghana and the industry take before things finally begin to look good?

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