5 Reasons Married s*x Is A Million Times Better Than Single s*x


Here are five reasons that s*x in marriage truly ROCKS!

1. You Can Relax — And s*x Is So Much Better When You Do
In dating, there’s pressure to get it right. What if one person has an climax and the other doesn’t? Did you do it “right”?

When you’re with a true partner, you gain enormous space for exploring and trying new things. Whatever happens, it’s all beautiful and loving. And because you’re relaxed, you enjoy yourself the entire time.

2. Your b*ttons Get Pushed
With a partner that doesn’t know you, frustration about not having your key arousal spots stroked is likely. Everyone is so different.

I’ve been with women who love having their nipples teased, and others that can’t stand it. It’s the same with men. It’s a minefield out there! Moreover, when you have experience with each other, you learn the sure-fire techniques you know will blow your partner’s mind every time.

3. The Afterglow Actually Lasts
When you have s*x with someone you really love, the energy generated in that lovemaking carries over into your whole day, and more. Every touch is a beautiful, warm, sexy reminder. When you create space for it, s*x and intimacy are an amazing, spiritual experience that continue outside the bedroom.

4. It’s Concentrated — If You Concentrate.

When I was dating, every woman was fair game. I also spent time going to strip clubs and watching P0*n on the Internet — or even just musing about beautiful models or actresses.

Frankly, I’ve done the same thing in committed relationships — and I fully attribute that behavior to perhaps the #1 reason those relationships failed. (How could any real woman measure up to those air-brushed fantasies?)

Now that I have a spiritual practice of focusing all my s*xual and attraction energy on Jo, she becomes an almost mythical creature to me. It’s amazing how much sexier and more beautiful she becomes the more she ages. Now, every time I touch her it’s a turn-on. Pouring all of my s*xual energy in that one direction (her) heightens it, magnifies it, and deepens it in such powerful and pleasurable ways.

5. It’s Dependable — If You Make It So.

If you’re both committed to a healthy s*x life, then you make time for it — even with two jobs and small children. I invited one busy couple I worked with, who was having s*x about twice a year, to schedule a time they would do it every week, without fail.

The guy (the one who’d been complaining about the lack of s*x) worried that it wouldn’t be “spontaneous.” But they gave it a whirl and were so successful, I decided to take my own advice.

It turns out that scheduled s*x is better than spontaneous s*x! Since you know it’s coming, you start getting excited at any point without fear of disappointment. I might lay in bed for an hour waiting for Jo, just to enjoy the anticipation. It also takes the terror of being turned down off the table.