Male UNIPORT Student Finds His Private Part Missing, Suspect Detected, Beaten


A fresh story for discussions and jokes on Nigerian social media emerged on June, as a University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) student found his manhood missing. The victim, who is a level 100 student of history and diplomatic studies, reported the situation, and immediately became the subject of both jokes and condolences. Scoop has more:

According to PH Microscope, the drama started around UNIPORT’s Mandela hostel. The student reportedly shook hands with a level 400 student of medicine and surgery. The poor guy soon felt incomplete: after looking inside his pants he realised that his man-hood was missing. The disappearance was attributed to the actions of the level 400 student.

When a mob of concerned youths descended on the suspect he confessed to taking the man-hood and begged for time to bring back the missing men’s part.  However, the fellow students were not patient and started beating the future medic.

The 400 level student was rescued by school security. The case was reportedly taken up by the police in Choba for further investigation.