Twin disaster: More bodies discovered as death toll increases

The death toll for the twin fire and flood disaster is set to rise as more and more dead bodies are being discovered each day.

Official figures put the number of casualties at 150 but unofficially the numbers are said to be over 200.

On Saturday, three days after flood and fire consumed the city, Joy News correspondents report some bodies, including that of a child have been discovered just around Circle, the epicenter of the fire and flood disaster.

Francis Abban saw the bloated body of a kid in a drain close to Circle.

A house just about 250 meters from the epicentre has been deserted. A man told Abban, children and other occupants of the house have now taken refuge at churches at least until the house has been cleared from the mud.

Another house which has not only been burnt but had its properties carried away by floods had a woman staying in a rubble for three days.

She told Abban she had not eaten for days because she had no money. She queued for a mattress and other relief items from NADMO but it got finished before it got to her turn.

Lartiff Iddrisu also reported that another body of a man was recovered early on in the day.

Residents said they had called NADMO, fire officials to come and retrieve the body but their calls were not heeded.

The residents had to retrieve the body by themselves, one of them told Joy News.

The deceased was said to have arrived in Accra from Kumasi five days ago only to meet his untimely death.

A three day national mourning has been declared in honour of the souls who died in the disaster on Wednesday.

Torrents of rain left Accra completely submerged and brought with it a disaster of huge proportions.

In the storm, a Goil filling station went up in flames and killed a huge number of people who were seeking refuge from the torrential rain.

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