Poisonous Snake Bites 2 Men As They Tried To Take Selfies With It


A poisonous snake became angry when two men were trying to take selfies with it, doctors in Russia said. Two fishermen in Chelyabinsk, have been hospitalized with snake bites after trying to take selfies with the poisonous snake on Thursday.

According to Odd News Blog, the men were fishing in the Akakul Lake, when they spotted the snake. As one fisherman was trying to take a selfie, he felt a sharp sting on his finger. Having confused the reptile as a common water snake, the second fisherman was also bitten while trying to take a picture with the snake.

The men suffered from swelling, sweating and vomiting. The men went to a nearby hospital, where they were treated with anti-venom and hormones. A doctor at the emergency room said that their lives were saved as the snake was poisonous. One fisherman has been discharged from hospital, the doctor said.