Newcastle Star Gets Married In Paris Leaves British Girlfriend Stranded

Papiss Cisse has left his girlfriend (INSET) heartbroken after she saw these pictures of his marriage to Diallo Awa three days after he said he was going on holiday.

Newcastle striker, Papiss Cisse who celebrated his 30th birthday on Wednesday, married Diallo Awa in Paris while British girlfriend Rachelle Graham remained at home.

The Sun claimed Rachelle had no idea about his plans to marry another woman when he left for a summer break last week, kissing and waving her goodbye at Manchester airport.

But after a few days without a response to her text messages, Rachelle went online and was stunned to see pictures of the wedding.

A friend of Rachelle’s told The Sun: ‘Rachelle wanted a future together and thought Papiss did too — but at the same time he was planning to get married.

“Papiss didn’t reply to texts for a couple of days so she was getting worried about him.

‘She went on Facebook and Instagram and found out why — he had been busy getting married.

‘No wonder he didn’t want to answer the calls and texts from Rachelle back in England. His new wife wouldn’t have been very happy.

‘Rachelle is heartbroken. They were very close, they talked every day and saw each other a lot. She was looking forward to a future with him. This has knocked her for six.’

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