Because She Was Starved Of s*x, You Won’t Believe What An Army Wife Did


A woman was arrested for seducing and having s*x with underage boys. The mother of two in the United Kingdom, claimed that she was starved for s*x while her husband was deployed overseas. 28-year-old Caroline Salisbury of Suffolk, met the 14-year-old boy while she was a school bus monitor. Odd News Blog reports:

Her husband was deployed at a British military base in Germany. Salisbury was found guilty after admitting to having s*x with the 14-year-old son of another soldier. She also engaged in s*x acts with the boy’s 17-year-old brother.  A court initially sentenced her to a two-year suspended sentence, but the Court of Appeal overturned the sentence saying it was “too lenient.”

Instead, three senior judges sentenced Salisbury to 3 years in prison.  The judges said that Salisbury was warned by police on 2 occasions to stay away from the 14-year-old boy, but she continued to pursue the child.