14 sweet promises every man should make to his future wife

The institution of marriage unites two souls in a beautiful bond forever.

And, to make that bond stronger with every passing day, a certain level of commitment is required from both, the husband as well as the wife. While a lot of you boys might get scared of this ‘commitment’ it is not as difficult as it might sound.

And, you can expect your partner to live up to your expectations only when you do the same for her, right? That is why; every soon-to-be married man should make a couple of sweet, simple and most importantly, honest promises to his future wife before taking plunge into matrimony.

So boys, before you are all set to get hitched, check out what those promises are:

#1. I will be the same person always

Unlike a lot of men who start taking their wives for granted after getting married, I will always value you. I promise to be the same person you fell in love with.

#2. I will divide responsibilities equally

Just because you are the woman of the house, it does not mean you would solely be responsible for carrying out all household chores. I will certainly divide all responsibilities with you after marriage, and will always be there to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

#3. I will always stand up for you

Be it in front of my relatives, a friend or anyone else, I will never let anyone ill-treat you, and will always stand up for you against all odds.

4. I will take care of you in sickness

I can never match up to your selfless attitude when it comes to taking care of me and my family. But, I promise to do my best to make you as comfortable on days when you feel under the weather.

5. You will always be my priority

Today, tomorrow and for the days to follow; you, your happiness and your well-being will always come first for me.

6. I will love you for much more than your outer beauty

You will always be the prettiest girl in the world for me. And, I promise to love you not just for that, but for your inner beauty as well.

7. I will always include you in my decisions

No decision related to my life will ever be taken without your suggestion or consent. After all, life after marriage will be all about ‘us’, and not ‘me’ alone!

8. I will respect your parents

After all, they will be my parents too once we get married. And, I promise to love and respect them as much as I do to my own.

9. When you need me the most, you will find me right by your side

Not only in your moments of happiness, but also in those moments of pain when you would need me the most, I will never abandon you. You will always have my shoulder to rest on.

10. I promise to never play blame games

Fights, mistakes, and misunderstandings are bound to happen every once in a while after we get married. But, I promise to never blame you for everything that goes wrong and instead, will try to resolve things sooner.

11. I will do my best keep things exciting

I will always try my best to make our relationship exciting and fresh, and will do just anything to make you happy.

12. I will support you in your professional decisions

Your work is as important as mine. And hence, I will always treat it the same way by supporting you in all your professional decisions.

13. I promise to be the best father to our children

I will be the best father to our children and will leave no stone unturned to ensure a beautiful upbringing for them.

14. I want to grow old only with you

When I imagine myself growing old, I can only picture you by my side.

It is not difficult to make these promises if you are really in love with the one whom you are about to marry. So, just be the guy she always dreamt of being with, and give her the life she deserves.

And ladies, as soon as you find a guy who genuinely promises to do all this, grab him before it is too late!

Source: The Trent