Mercy Aigbe Attacks Fan Who Says Her Daughter Is Rotten Just Like Her


Popular Yoruba Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, has fired back at a fan for taking shots at her.

Mercy Aigbe who’s known not to joke with her family has lashed out at a fan who called her a bad mum.

The whole drama started when Mercy Aigbe revealed that her 14 year old daughter knows what a ‘blow job’ is.

The actress revealed this in Motherhood Magazine.

There was a day she came back from school and was like ‘Mummy somebody got expelled in my class for giving someone blow job’ and I just exclaimed ‘Blow what? You know what that is?’ She just laughed and said ‘Mummy, you don’t expect me not to know that.’ You know, that opened another room to educate her. As often as possible I have to talk to her about boys. Teens need s*x education. She is growing up so fast, so I need to tell her all she needs and wants to know so she doesn’t get it all mixed up,” she explained in the edition of the magazine which is on the cover of.

A fan on Instagram who goes by the name riskyrweward, called out the beautiful actress saying her daughter was just following her own example.

You are a bad example of a mother. Your daughter is only 14 years old and she already has an Instagram page and always flaunting her belly b*ttons. What exactly are you teaching her? You are a sorry excuse for a mother. Why won’t she know what a blow job is? She is obviously taking after you. Anyway what’s my own. I don’t have the energy to comment on this issue” wrote riskyreward.

Mercy Aigbe didn’t take kindly to this comment and quickly responded. “I just laugh at ur stupid comment! I wonder why most people are hypocrites! U don’t have energy to comment but u wrote an epistle! If you have energy only God knows what u’ll write. Pls mind ur own Business! My advice pls go get busy! Den u won’t come here to leave dumb comments!