IRONY!!! Lil Wayne Fights Referee At Anti-Violence Charity Basketball Game


Lil Wayne has given an unfortunate layer of irony to an anti-violence event. Over the weekend in St. Louis, Weezy attended a charity basketball game where his team Young Money faced off against a team coached by the ironically named promoter, Loose Cannon Slim.

According to, It was going well until the referee made a call Wayne didn’t agree with, at which point a spat broke out.

Wayne reportedly charged at the referee and spit on him and a full brawl started. In video, captured by TMZyou can see the aftermath of the spitting where Wayne confronted the referee with his hefty entourage behind him and the man sought protection in the crowd.

Or was it all a silly joke in the name of irony at a non-violence event? On second thought, probably not.