Inventor Of Bulletproof Private Parts Strap Gets Shot In The Groin During Product Test

Jeremiah Raber testing Nutshellz

Jeremiah Raber testing Nutshellz

A man who invented a bulletproof strap for private parts, allowed himself to be shot in order to test the effectiveness of the product. 38-year-old Jeremiah Raber invented the bulletproof strap called Nutshellz. Odd News Blog reports:

The strap is an athletic cup designed to protect the privates parts of a man from anything that comes their way. It effectively protects against a baseball heading straight for the private parts as well as a bullet shot from a gun.

Raber made the product after seeing his favorite professional fighter lose a match after being kicked in the private parts. Nutshellz are not only being used by athletes, but by the military, police and SWAT teams.

Now, Raber is trying to raise capital to make a smaller version for children. In order to prove the effectiveness of Nutshells, Raber allowed himself to be shot with a bullet in the private parts.