I Am Not A Joke, And Not Nduom’s Maid -Akua Donkor Charges On Delay

Akua Donkor
The founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Akua Donkor, a woman who never ceases to surprise Ghanaians, has said she is neither a mad woman, a joke nor a housemaid to Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom.

Akua Donkor explained herself during a rather heated interview with Delores Frimpong Manso on the Delay Talk Show.

NEWS-ONE reproduces excerpts of the interview:

 Can you compare yourself to the other flagbearers?

Yes, I can. Oh I can compete with Nana Addo, John Mahama and Dr Nduom. None of them have formed a political party. But I have formed one. Even Dr Nduom, he broke away from the CPP before he started the PPP.

How much does the Electoral Commission charge as filing fee for presidential candidates?

They do not charge anything.
How much have you spent on your campaign so far?

Over 12 billion cedis. I did not say million; I said billion. I can’t mention it in the new currency. But in the old currency I know it is over 12 billion. I did not waste that money; I used it to help Ghana. Some have money more than me but they are not using it to help Ghana. I am using mine to help Ghana. It is my own money I had saved.

Is that your entire savings?
No. I still have money. I have property and investments still giving me money.

How much money are you worth?
I can’t mention the amount to you now. I did not know you would ask me that question so I cannot tell you the figure.

Is it a huge amount of money?
Yes. I am about to start my campaign again and I will spend more than the 12 billion I spent in 2012; and I have the money ready.

You say you can’t read and write. But we saw you on TV holding a pen and paper. What were you doing with it?

I was not holding a pen. Did you see me with a pen?

Akua Donkor, do you tell lies? Ghanaians saw you with a pen and paper and it was on TV.

Well, when we got to the programme, pens and papers were distributed to everyone so I was given one and I received it. But I was not writing with it.

But on TV you seemed to be writing.
I was not writing.  I was only looking at the paper. I can’t read and write. When the pen and paper were given to me I only collected them. Maybe if I wanted to write something, I would have asked another participant to write it for me.

Who would be your vice president?
You can’t be asking me such questions.
I am the host here.
Okay. Her name is Yaa Asentewaa. She is a farmer.
What about your ministers?
I will select them when I win.
Why did you not want to return Dr Nduom’s Tundra?

It is good you have asked me this question. I am not his wife. I am not staying with him and schooling. I am not his housemaid. The long and short is that he came to me and asked me to let my party members support his party so that  he would give me a Toyota Tundra.

Where is the car?
He has come for it. He came for it from my house when I made some extensions on the Pickup bucket.

How can you do an extension on someone’s car?

Whose car? The question you are asking me shows that you support Kwesi Nduom. The way you are asking the question means you believe the car belongs to Nduom. He came to an agreement with me and we had a barter. So it is no more his car.

Do you have children?
Why won’t I have children? I really have children and one is even at Accra Girls Senior High now.

Are we quarrelling or having an interview?

No. I am answering your questions.
How many children do you have?
Please, I can’t tell you. The other time some people wanted to kill me. They came with a pistol. The story was everywhere. So I have stopped talking about my children and my husband.

You have a husband?
I am not a spinster; I have a husband. He supports what I am doing.

Is he also a farmer and an illiterate?

Yes. I am an illiterate and wouldn’t go and marry an educated person. I want someone like me so we can understand ourselves better.

You sound angry.
I am speaking aloud so you can hear me.
Ah! But you have a lapel microphone.
I hear. Thanks for reminding me.
Someone may say you are mad.
Because of God’s mercies, I am not mad. Those thinking so are rather mad.

What are your plans for 2016?
I am coming back to campaign and I am winning.

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