Car Loan With Ease From Rosabon

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Funny situations but true…

Your household/ electronic items are outdated, needs to be upgraded and you now spend more time at your newly married friend’s house watching football matches because he just got this HD widescreen TV. Trust me, just above the smile on his wife’s face, she is giving you the “evil eye”.

Tired of jumping from Danfo to Okada, Okada to Keke, getting late to work even when you left home early just because the bus didn’t ‘get filled’ on time? When it finally got filled, the driver stopped at every bus-stop to pick up and drop passengers and your major prayer point has become “Baba God be a car provider”.

Guess what! The answer to your prayer is here!

Rosabon Financial Services offers a flexible Automobile Lease plan for any brand of vehicle of your choice! Yes! (New or Used). We also offer loans on a range of household / office appliances. The Rosabon Car Loan is easy to access and payment plan is structured for up to 37 months!

This car financing plan is collateral free and can be accessed within an amazingly short period of time! All you need is a proof of employment and a stable flow of income.

Get the help required to facilitate a lifestyle of comfort and to transport your “dream car’ from your dreams to your garage at Rosabon Financial Services. We offer expert support through the leasing process which in itself is fast and stress free. Visit our website for more information or call our clients service lines on +2347046533688, +234704 652 3346