Allegations: Journalists take bribe to run GFA down – Saani Daara

In the wake of investigations into alleged corruption scandal in the world football governing body, FIFA, many have called on the government of Ghana to investigate the Ghana Football Association.

The suggestion has not gone down well with Director of Communications at the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saani Daara and he has accused a section of the Ghanaian media of being corrupt too.

He claims some journalists take bribes to dent the image of the Ghana Football Association members.

‘No one is saying people should not look into the inner happenings in the FA, but what I want some of us to understand is that, the public doesn’t know certain people in the media are paid to run us (GFA members)down,’ he told Kasapa FM.

‘Some people are going around bribing some media houses with monies to run the GFA down,’ he alleged.

The government of Ghana set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the 2014 World cup debacle last year, but the public is yet to be told the findings and recommendation the Commission gave to the state.

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