Rains Wash Accra

A dawn downpour in Accra yesterday claimed the life of a nine-year-old girl in Dansoman and destroyed properties running into several thousand Ghana Cedis.

The close to seven hours downpour saw trapped residents in some suburbs seeking refuge atop wardrobes and other high points in their rooms.

It is early days in June, an apt reminder that the rainy season has commenced in earnest, leaving residents in low-lying areas with their hearts in their mouths not knowing what lies ahead of them. There had been a few rains in May but these were at best dress rehearsals for yesterday’s show and those perhaps ahead.

No place was the effects of the several hours of rain felt like the Mamprobi Police Barracks where cops trapped in their rooms looked on as the rainwater angrily meandered towards lower grounds.

One of the police officers at the Mamprobi Police Station, scared about what the aftermath of the continuous downpour could be, called his friends to spread the word that they were trapped.

At the Kaneshie Market, a very busy trading centre in Accra, the situation was beyond description as the waves of water threatened to sweep away vehicles. For those in the entrapped vehicles, they could only pray for the rains to cease before the worse happened.

Occasional lulls were immediately followed by fresh sessions of downpour. For many residents who had not reported to their various places of work, they could only stay indoors and hope for a relieving cessation.

At the Teshie-Nungua section of the city, the traffic jam was unbearable as the rainwater took over sections of the major road from Tema through that part of the city to Accra.

Motorists could do nothing but manoeuvre through the rainwater which at times appeared to be ready to sweep their vehicles away.

A traffic jam on the ring road facing the façade of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) was caused by a fallen tree.

The Mayor of Accra, Oko Vanderpuije, must be considering a review of his notes on Accra as he is once more exposed by an inclement downpour. His guests who have converged on Accra to view his achievements might have to reconsider their impressions about a city which was presented as a showpiece.

By A.R. Gomda

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