Nonchalant: South Africa calls for proof World Cup bribery allegations

South Africa’s Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula has denied claims that South Africa bribed world football association, FIFA, to become host of the 2010 World Cup.

He said, ‘South Africa have not paid any bribes to secure the 2010 World Cup.’ He also noted that South Africa’s FA is ready to co-operate with the authorities and the government will address the matter through diplomatic channels.

‘We need the United States authorities to share with us the basis of their allegations,” he stressed. According to Mbalula, the $10m payment was ‘above board’ and ‘does not equate to bribery’.

He added, ‘We refuse to be caught in a battle between the United States and FIFA … We categorically deny that our government and country have bribed anyone to secure the 2010 World Cup.’

South Africa was earlier fingered in the massive allegation of various fraudulent activities raised against FIFA by whistleblowers.

These allegation have led to  the impending resignation of FIFA boss , Sepp Blatter, who said he was putting the interest of football before his career.


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