I Don’t Have HIV/AIDS – Ailing Yoruba Actress Cries Out

Popular Yoruba actress, Omotunde Ogundimu has been ill for about 5 years now.


The ailing Ogun state based actress whose husband died 3 years ago has recounted her ordeal in a new interview with PlaygroundTv. The actress who was rumored to have been hit by HIV/AIDS however said the ailment that slowed her down for the past 5 years was Fibroid and not any thing else. The mother of 3 explained how she needed money to undergo the surgery and lots more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

What is happening to you in recent time?

I thank God for my life because good things are happening to me now. I want to believe that you heard about the challenges i faced last year and i give glory to God Almighty because i am healthy today and bouncing.

What really happened, people insinuated that it could be Hiv virus?

God forbid, i dont have HIV virus. Actually, the whole story began before the death of my husband of which i was thinking it was another thing because i noticed that anytime we made love, blood rushed out from my private part and i was thinking it was something else. But later after his death, precisely early last year, the sickness resurfaced and i began to do my menstruation thrice a month which was obviously abnormal.

I went for medical check-up and my doctor immediately diagnosed me with fibroid, and he advised me to operate it immediately which i concurred but i had no money for the surgery. He also asked if i will still want to give birth again but i wasn’t sure about the answer but i am blessed with 3 lovely kids. I wasn’t upright financially and i was forcing myself to work so as to get money for the operation but it was rather unfortunate that my job couldn’t pay the bill.

So a friend of mine who is a journalist visited me and he was the one who said we should beg people for help. I was afraid not to be insulted by people and he insisted. So we did it and to God be the Glory, people saved my life.

Medically how was the operation experience?

I give that to God and also my doctor. Why a lot of people die during fibroid surgery is when they don’t consult a good doctor, you may kick the bucket from there. My doctor is a fibroid specialist, he performed six surgeries after mine that day. I left the hospital 8 days after but it took me 2 months to recuperate.

Are you very agile now?

I noticed that my weight had dropped and i like it like this. Unlike the way i looked before like puff puff. I am still agile but reduced in stature. I know i need to rest but i need to run around for my children. May 21st made it 3 years my husband died. Life has been very tough without him but i give the glory to God. I have been able to solely pay their school fees, taking good care of them and they are obedient children. The oldest among my kids just finished secondary school and now preparing for the University.

Considering the fact that acting is not paying, where do you get money to fund the kids?

Where i get money isn’t something to divulge on media. A lot of people have asked me that question and i didn’t answer them. After my husband’s death, i inherited duo bedrooms flat in Aboru area of Iyana Ipaja lagos state.

Instead of living in the house, i rented it out and moved to my village in Ibafo,Ogun state so that i can be spending the house rent on my kids. I also have people abroad who send goods to me to resell. My husband was a polygamist and i was number 2 with 3 other wives behind me.

The Nigerian entertainment industry in recent time, has been hit with lots of tragedies. Just recently, popular Nigerian singer, Anthony Akpovwovwo Harmony popularly called Tony Harmony died after battling with stroke. Few months ago, popular Nollywood actor, Muna Obikwe died an untimely death. He lost his life to the cold hands of kidney disease.