Report corrupt judges, judicial staff – Chief Justice

The Chief Justice has urged the public to report any judge or officer of the judicial service who demands money as a condition to bail suspects or misconducts him or herself in the administration of justice.

Mrs Georgina Wood made the call as part of efforts to purge the judicial service of perceived corruption.

Speaking on behalf of the Chief Justice in Asokwa sub-metro in Kumasi, an Appeals Court Judge, Justice Dennis Adjei said the judicial service takes the perceived corruption in the judiciary very seriously.

“The aim of the Chief Justice is that the courts must promote integrity. She was not happy at all when the Afro-barometer that the perception is that the judiciary is corrupt. Since then the Chief Justice has set in motion efforts to curb the perceived corruption in the judicial service”, said Justice Adjei.

The alarming findings from Afro barometer report released in December 2014 suggested that Ghanaians perceive corruption among Judges and magistrates stood at 85%.

Justice Adjei said corruption perception hurts the image of the the Institution, adding the public has a role to play in ridding the service of corrupt officials.

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