NDLEA Arrest Two Women With 1.5kg Of Cocaine Inserted In Their v**ina


The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Tuesday said it has arrested two housewives for trafficking substances suspected to be cocaine.

This was contained in a release issued by the agency and signed by its spokesperson, Mr Mitchel Oyefujeyi.

The two women, aged 45 and 47, were allegedly found in possession of 2.635kg of cocaine at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos, while attempting to board a Qatar Airways flight to China, the statement read.

The women were said to have packed the cocaine in their underwear and also in their private parts.

“The women, in their statements, said that they were involved in smuggling cocaine because they were abandoned by their husbands,” the statement disclosed.

The statement also quoted Mr Hamza Umar, NDLEA Commander at the Lagos Airport, to have said “These women are curiously desperate for ingesting drugs, packing some on their bodies and inserting in their v**ina.

“The first suspect, Alaka Deburah, 47, was found with 1.180kg of cocaine. She inserted 260 grammes of cocaine in her private part and ingested 60 wraps weighing 920 grammes.

“The second suspect, Priscilla Chukwujekwu, 45, was caught with 1.455kg of cocaine.

“She packed 59 wraps on her body, inserted one parcel in her v**ina weighing 1.285kg and ingested 10 wraps weighing 170 grammes,” Umar said.

On his part, Chairman of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade described the action of the women as disgraceful. “It is good that the drugs were detected here by our officials because China has capital punishment for drug trafficking.

“This arrest has saved them from death and the country from embarrassment.

“Their action is utterly disgraceful because as mothers, they ought to show good example for their children to emulate,” the statement quoted Giade to have said.