Gay Man Forced To Have s*x With His MOTHER – To ‘Cure’ Him Of Homosexuality


A gay man was forced to have s*x with his mother while lesbians are being defiled by their cousins to ‘cure’ their homosexuality, according to a gay rights groups in India. ‘Corrective r*pes’ are said to be carried out by the victim’s own family members in a desperate bid for ‘straight’ children. The parents will arrange the r*pe and handpick a relative – usually a cousin – to carry out the heinous act, claim the crisis intervention team of LGBT Collective in Telangana, southern India. Scoop has more:

But in one shocking case, there were reports of family members in Bangalore forcing a gay boy to have s*x with his mother to ‘cure’ him. In another, a young lesbian was defiled by her cousin, while there are further reports that sometimes victims’ own brothers are used to carry out the ‘corrective r*pe.’ The horrific crimes are so traumatising for their victims, they often go unreported, a spokesman for the LGBT Collective told Times of India.  The group say they have had at least 15 ‘corrective r*pes’ reported to them in the last five years. ‘We are sure there are many more cases, but they go unreported, says Vyjayanti Mogli, a member of crisis intervention.

‘We came across such cases not because they reported the r*pe, but because they sought help to flee their homes.’ ‘It’s usually a cousin who’s roped in for this ‘project’. Mr Mogli added that in many cases in southern India, a girl may have been promised to one of her cousins at birth so it is her betrothed that is brought in to carry out the ‘corrective r*pe.’ ‘If it is found out that she is in a relationship with another girl, elders in the family believe having s*x with the ‘would-be’, even if it’s forcibly, will cure her,’ he told Times of India.

India’s Supreme Court reimposed a ban on gay s*x in late 2013, ruling that responsibility for changing the 1861 law rested with lawmakers and not judges. Gay s*x had been effectively legalised in 2009 when the Delhi High Court ruled that banning ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’ was a violation of fundamental rights. Anyone found breaking the laws can face up to ten years in jail.