CAFAF, APPLE Projects & Others Launch 2015 World Wide Views Debate on Climate Change & Energy Project

The Community and Family Aid Foundation (CAFAF) with support from its partnering Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the fight against Climate Change in Ghana; Apple Projects, Abibiman Foundation and the Institute of Green Growth Solutions have launched 1- day debate and National Consultation Forum dubbed World Wide Views Debate on Climate Change and Energy to seek the views of people on climate change issues and Energy.

The forum which is slated for 6th June 2015 in Accra will bring on board Journalists, Politicians, activists groups, stakeholders and individuals as well as laymen in the country to deliberate and share ideas on what should be done to resolve the issues bedeviling the World on climate change and Energy.

It is expected that those opinions and views shared during the forum will be made known to the general public and decision makers for an input into policies formulation to deal with the challenges in order to reverse the trend.

The collective ideas which participants will provide based on basic information about the science of climate change and how to deal with each challenges during World Wide Views meeting will again be factored into a consultation that will focus on issues which various countries will negotiate at a major conference to be held in Paris in December, 2015

Addressing the press in Accra on Monday to launch the project, Executive Director of CAFAF, Mr. Senyo Kwashie disclosed citizens consultation in Ghana on climate change issues should be timely because of its importance hence the need of coming up with the event, adding the views of the Ghanaians citizens will indicate to national politicians as well as climate and energy negotiators how the public is prepared to deal with the climate and energy challenges.

He said the time has come for the laymen voices to be heard on these issues but not only that of politicians views which is always twisted fact in the eyes of international donors.

“It is no longer going to be what our politicians present to international Organizations as issues bedeviling Climate Change and energy but a balanced view of both laymen (ordinary people) in society who are confronted on daily basis on climate change issues versus politicians so the truth can be revealed” he stressed.

The aim of the World View meeting, he said is to mobilize community lay people to share views on climate change and energy at a public debate so that their views can be collected and used by decision makers to formulate policies towards problem solving.

In order to achieve result as planned by the event organizers, 100 lay people from all ethnic and various backgrounds made up of politicians, farmers, students, traditional leaders, faith groups, opinion leaders and others in Ghana will debate on climate change and energy through face to face interactions at the community level.

It is expected that the participants will challenge each other’s view on the subject matter and exhaust the pros and cons in Climate Change and Energy issues as possible.

Climate Change issues are have taken too much toll on Africa for that matter West Africa which has resulted into shortage of water from rivers due to decline in coral reliefs in tropical waters; decline in food production in the Sahel; spread of malaria in Kenyan highlands; lower production of fish in the Great Lakes.

Ghana is not left out with the current situation at hand where farmers experience failed crops as a result of heat and drought, stress and flood. There are so many droughts in the North which has caused the water level in the Volta Lake which generates electricity to drop drastically thereby causing the current power crisis we face as a country.

The World Wide Views on Climate and Energy (WWVIEWS) is an ambitious global citizen participation project on global climate change and energy transition policies and actions.

It is a global citizen deliberation exercise, integrating citizen consultations in all participating countries on the same day across the world on June 6, 2015.

The project is initiated by the secretariat to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the French National Commission for Public Debate, the Danish Board of Technology Foundation and Missions Publiques with support of the French Government, COP21host.

The 2015 World Views National Debate on Climate Change and Energy is on the theme: “Contributing to the national effort by reaching out to community people in Ghana on climate change and energy.


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