Movie production was bad business so I stopped – Socrates Sarfo

Ghanaian movie producer Socrates Sarfo has revealed that he stopped movie production because he was sinking into a pool of debt.

He disclosed on Entertainment This Week on Hitz FM with MzGee that “movie is part of show business and it’s not just for fun or an artwork. We have movies we act for fun but I am a show businessman. So if the business aspect (which) pushes the show is not there, then there is no motivation to do it because we do movies with loans.”

Socrates Sarfo who alludes to making money in times past from production of movies says the industry has seen a decline making it unattractive to invest in.

The producer of the controversial movie ‘Hot Fork’ disclosed that he took loans and had to run away from his creditors because he could not break even from the movies he made.

He said, “I don’t see the sense in going for a loan to shoot a movie and then I will not be able to pay back. And then I would have to change my number, and I would have to be running away from my office and always have to be looking back when I am driving around. I want to have a free mind and be able to pick every call.”

Asked whether he believed in the school of thought that describes the Ghanaian movie industry as dead, Socrates Sarfo said that the industry is in coma awaiting death.

However, veteran actor cum director/producer Abeiku Sagoe said the controversial movie ‘Hot Fork’ is what has crashed Socrates’ movie career.

The actor, who has now gone into the production of television series, disagrees that the movie industry is dead but rather calls for struggling producers to rebrand.

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