Artist Creates Amazing Photo-like Portraits With Thousands Of Metal Screws


Seen from afar, Marc Schneider’s artworks look like black and white photographs, but as you approach them, you can see the images are made up of thousands of metal screws. Oddity Central reports:

Schneider starts by taking a photo and modifying the pixels into a gray scale template. Using the pixelated photograph as a reference, he uses thousands of hand sprayed screws to replicate the photo by painstakingly fixating them on a block of wood.

“I enjoy working in a medium that embodies strength and durability, allowing the viewer to touch the art and experience the unique surface created by thousands of screws,” he wrote on his website. “The meticulous approach in the creation of my screw art portraits is medicine for my soul.”

Schneider revealed that he gave up a successful Wall Street career to focus on his ‘screw art’ full time. He used to be a “weekend warrior”, engaging in woodwork and other home improvement projects whenever he found the time, so working with metal screws was familiar ground. He instantly fell in love with the medium and has never regretted his drastic career change.