Britain Declares Readiness To Work Closely With Nigeria To End Boko Haram Insurgency

United Kingdom has declared its readiness to work closely with Nigeria to end its security and economic challenges.

Britain says it is going to spearhead the group of seven developed nations (G-7 nations) to rally support for Buhari to crush insurgency in Nigeria without further delay.

British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond made the position of his country known when speaking with Vanguard in Abuja on Friday, shortly after attending Buhari’s inauguration.

Hammond led a British delegation to witness the swearing in of Buhari. The president returned to Nigeria on the eve of his inauguration, where he went to see Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Britain also expressed readiness to provide the Nigerian armed forces with needed technical and surveillance equipment and training to be able to combat the menace of insurgency.

“The emergence of Buhari has given us a new opportunity to help Nigeria with both technical and surveillance support to tackle the problems of Boko Haram,” Hammond said.

“But we can only do that if the Nigerian armed forces comply with human rights requirements. Happily Buhari has given us that assurance and we are going to help Nigeria in any way possible to tackle its problems.”