Prudential Bank debt leaked to create mischief – Ken Ofori-Atta

Former Chief Executive Officer of Data Bank, Ken Ofori-Atta says a document from the Prudential Bank requesting the payment of a Ȼ2 million debt owed it by the NPP was leaked to create mischief.

According to him, the loan was a purely private business transaction between him and the bank and that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) played no part in contracting the loan. He said it was, therefore, inappropriate for the bank to write a letter to the National Chairman of the NPP demanding the repayment of the loan.

“I am personally liable for any obligation that arises from this transaction and not in any way the New Patriotic Party”, he said in a response to the letter.

The facility, he said, was taken to complement resources the Finance team had raised to support the operations of the party’s Polling Station Agents during the elections.

He said although the loan was acquired to finance the party’s 2012 campaign, he as “Chairman of the 2012 Presidential Campaign Finance Team contracted and Guaranteed for purposes of the elections” and this has nothing to do with the party.

Mr Ken Ofori-Atta’s comments are response to a leaked document from the Prudential Bank demanding that the party pays back a È» 2,290,631.36 million loan it obtained from the bank to finance its 2012 election campaign.

The bank is demanding immediate payment because an earlier notice sent to the party in January did not yield a response.

Even though, Mr Ofori-Atta says the leadership of the party at the time was fully aware of the loan and was grateful, the party as an entity should not be dragged into the matter.

He urged supporters of the party and the entire public to disregard the “mischief that the leakage of this letter and those behind it seek to create.”

“Our party has always been proud to fund itself by contributions and sacrifices of its members. This loan was guaranteed privately and the Party therefore is not directly liable for it”, he added.

Story by Ghana | | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | [email protected]

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