Men! 15 Reasons We Need You Beyond s*x And Moving Furniture


Men, we as women need you! Please know that relationships are not about us being right and you being wrong. They’re not about us being super independent and we not needing you. They’re not about a woman doing better than a man financially, emotionally or spiritually. It is not about any of that superficial nonsense. A REAL relationship is about what happens when the two forces known as male and female come together on an equal plane and explores what true love is; what genuine friendship is and what a real partnership looks like. At the end of the day, that is what a relationship is about.

One of the biggest misunderstanding and major problem in relationships is the independent woman theory; where women are viewed as not needing a man because they take care of everything for themselves. Yes a woman is independent but we are independent because we have to be, we are single. If we don’t work, pay the bills, shop, etc., who will?

Unlike a marriage, where the couple is dependent on each other, we are independent out of a necessity. It comes with the territory. Our independence does not mean that we emasculate your manhood. Our independence means that we are not lazy, trifling women, waiting to be rescued. We are women doing what needs to be done. And we are handling our business. Don’t let our independence fool you. Please know that we want you and more importantly, we need you.

According to the world system (media, statistics, individual opinions and public perception), the only reason a woman needs a man is for moving large objects and/or a s*xual fix. Let me set the record straight: That is a LIE! That is NOT what we need you for. We need and desire you for so many reasons, some being:

The companionship you bring
The authority you possess
The strength you nurture us with
Your vulnerability that says you need us
Your boyish charm.
Your take charge demeanor
Your ability to make us feel like we are the only woman on earth
Your wisdom and the different perspective you bring
The way you make me a better me because of you.
The wonderful us that we become when we are together
Your stern correctness, that helps us get back on the right path when we have strayed
Your accountability
Your partnership
Your friendship
Your love
Bottom line: WE NEED YOU! And YOU NEED US too! With that being the case, what are we doing? Some people have let this world system and the foolish lies that there is a 50 to 1 female to male ratio, due to the lack of good men, hoodwink a lot of them into acting like fools gone wild.

Dignity, respect, morals and character have fallen by the wayside. And for what? People are doing more now than ever in order to obtain a “false sense of companionship’ or the “semblance of a relationship.” And where has it gotten them?


There are more lonely, miserable, dissatisfied, angry, bitter people than ever before. All because of the deception of false hype – don’t believe the lie. There are a lot of GREAT men and women desiring and looking for love. And real love is attainable. However, some things need to be put in order.