The Manyanoha Natural Malaria Be Gone Program (MNMP)” Saves Several Malaria Patients In Ghana

A new paradigm for the total eradication of Africa’s most killer Disease, Malaria is speedily yielding positive results in Ghana.

The “Manyanoha Natural Malaria be Gone Program – (MNMP)” which is a brainchild of a Ghanaian Naturopath and Detoxification specialist Dr. Emmanuel K. Asenso has saved many lives since its introduction into the Country.

According to the latest estimates by the World Health Organization released in December 2014, “there were about 198 million cases of malaria in 2013 (with an uncertainty range of 124 million to 283 million) and an estimated 584 000 deaths (with an uncertainty range of 367 000 to 755 000)”.

Despite countless number of attempts by various health organizations and researchers to find dependable programs to combat the disease, none of the efforts have proven efficacious, especially in Africa. New malaria drugs are produced day in day out but the disease still remains a serious threat to the lives of Africans.

Barely a year ago, a book chronicling a comprehensive analysis of the true nature of Malaria and the effective way of treating it, titled “The Natural Steps for Curing Malaria: Malaria is Filth in The Liver” was launched in Ghana and has since been distributed across the length and breadth of the country.

Malaria, which is believed by many as being caused by plasmodium in the female anopheles mosquito has now been established by the researcher and individuals who have undergone the “ Manyanoha Natural Malaria be Gone Program – (MNMP)” that it is rather caused by filth in the liver.

The new effective treatment which does not demand laboratory made medicines but items from one’s kitchen involves the use of coconut oil and lemon juice to clean the filth in the liver which is identified by the researcher as the cause of the malaria-like symptoms.

Due to the controversy that has been surrounding this new method of curing malaria and the theory behind it, in Ghana, after the launch of the book “The Natural Steps for Curing Malaria: Malaria is Filth in The Liver”, the Ghanaian media has been interacting with people who have tested the new natural malaria healing method.

Revelations from the interactions are that the people who were once malaria patients have been living without any malaria-like symptoms after being taken through the “Manyanoha Natural Malaria be Gone Program – (MNMP)”.

Some of the beneficiaries of the new treatment option are the various healthcare providers and other professionals in Ghana who had been battling with Malaria for years and had been placed on diverse “malaria drugs” which never worked for them.

The beneficiaries have appealed to the government of Ghana through the ministry of Health to collaborate with Dr. Emmanuel K. Asenso who has been gifted with what some call “the savior treatment” to help save the many Ghanaians and Africans at large, who have been living as malaria patients.

In an Interview with the discoverer of the “Manyanoha Natural Malaria be gone Program ” and Chief Executive Officer of Health Talk Ltd in Kumasi Kentinkrono-Nsenie Dr. Emmanuel K. Asenso on his natural malaria agenda, he thanked God for the gift which many who have tested it are now free from malaria.

He intimated that the new hard truth is that Malaria is a liver disease synonymous to a filthy liver and malaria is never caused by the mosquito and its plasmodia and it is only pleomorphism that could best explain it.

The International Nutrition Consultant and Detoxification specialist who is also well-versed in Conventional medicine has said that it is time the African saw himself as the architect of the solutions for his own problems.

He has also pleaded with his colleague health practitioners in the conventional medicine not to sit in offices to condemn his findings but team up with him to test it to ascertain the truth in his discovered cure for malaria which he sees as a gift from God for Africa.

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